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China Hotel

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Whether it's a business trip or a travel tour to explore Guangzhou city, China Hotel offers 850 rooms and suites ranging from deluxe rooms to presidential suites.


From a grand selection of international cuisine to authentic traditional Cantonese cuisine, our chefs have you covered.

Meetings & Weddings

Our spectacular Crystal Ballroom is your perfect venue for important events, whether weddings or meetings.

LN Residence

Whether it is long-term business travel or tourism to understand the culture of Guangzhou, LN Residence cleverly showcases a blend of its heritage, without compromising the style of local culture.

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China Hotel, Guangzhou

122 Liu Hua Road,
Yue Xiu District
Guangzhou 510015
Tel: +86 20 8666 6888
Fax: +86 20 8667 7288

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According to the relevant national laws and regulations, minors are required to register their ID information for hotel stays.