Meet the Team

Anny Chan

Chairman of CCP, Chairman, General Manager

Ms. Anny Chan is the party branch secretary of LN Hospitality, the Chairman of CCP, Chairman and the General Manager of China Hotel. She has been working for LN Group for 25 years and has successively served as Assistant General Manager of Garden Hotel, Assistant General Manager of Dong Fang Hotel, the Owner Representative of China Hotel, and Vice President of LN Hospitality. Ms. Chan has an international management vision, a keen sense of the market, and has rich practical experience in many areas, including quality service, brand standards, guest experience, and hotel renovation.

Sara Lui

Assistant Owner Representative, Assistant General Manager

Ms. Sara Lui is the Assistant General Manager of China Hotel. She has been working in the hotel industry for more than 30 years. Through her abundant experience in guest services, estate management, marketing strategy and quality management, she is helping hotel operations to step up to a higher level. Under her leadership, the hotel team will be dynamic and well-equipped to deal with future opportunities and challenges.

"Checked in since 1985, still loving it."

Ming Luo

Director of Finance

Ms. Ming Luo has been engaged in hotel finance for 30 years, and possesses rich professional knowledge and deep practical experience. She has played an important role in the financial management, cost control, budget management, accounting supervision, risk control of China Hotel,provide strong guarantee and support for hotel operation.

"You reap what you sow."

Jenny Zhang

Director of Food & Beverage

Ms. Jenny Zhang has 35 years of hotel catering experience. She excels at crafting unique catering promotion plans, and developing and expanding new catering channels despite increasingly fierce market competition. The popularity of restaurants in China Hotel has increased under her outstanding leadership, and through her abundant experience with catering management, her excellent leadership skills, and her rich experience in large-scale banquet coordination, she has lead the F&B team to offer an upgraded catering experience to hotel guests.

"Details make perfection."

Roy Xu

Director of Rooms

Mr. Roy Xu started his career in the hospitality industry in 2005 and has made his mark on many internationally renowned hotels. With more than 14 years of experience, he is proficient in daily room operations and guest relations management. With his passion and profession, Mr. Xu will work with his team to enhance service quality and to bring more dynamic on hotel’s operation.

"Find the direction for success only, not make excuses for failure."

Gamally Che

Director of Sales & Marketing

Ms. Gamally Che has been working in the hotel industry for over 16 years and has successively served as the Director of Rooms and the Director of Sales & Marketing. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a keen market insight, effective communication skills, marketing talent, and courage to break through the status quo, which has helped China Hotel to build an excellent sales team.

"It takes courage to heads down, needs confidence to heads up."

Karen Liang

Director of Human Resources

Ms. Karen Liang is the Director of Human Resources at China Hotel. She has a rich professional background and is passionate about hotel work. She is good at building staff cohesion and creating excellent teams, and is also committed to the care and long-term career development of her staff, which has led to higher levels of employee satisfaction. Ms. Liang has fostered close relationships with colleges and universities in order to develop a consistent talent pool for the hotel industry.

"Success comes from unremitting efforts."

Zoe Chan

Director of Estate

Ms. Zoe Chan is the Director of Estate of China Hotel. From the front office to the estate, she has used her expertise to successfully transform and develop her department. With excellent coordination skills and broad market vision, she seeks customers from all angles and drives the revenue from the commercial office building, the long-term rental apartments and the first-floor stores of China Hotel.

"Keep what I say and carry out what I do."

Amy Huang

Director of Apartment

Ms. Amy Huang has extensive experience in hotel public relations, property management and real estate. During the period from the initial preparation to the opening of the LN Residence, Ms. Huang sought customers from numerous channels and devoted herself to brand development. She led the apartment project team with outstanding creativity and exquisite service, and led the LN Residence project to receive numerous awards.

"Strive to meet a better version of myself."

Alicia He

Director of Marketing Communications

Ms. Alicia He obtained master degree in media at University of East Anglia in UK. She has solid theoretical background and rich media resources. She focuses on both the management of internal communications as well as hotel promotions on various media platforms. By enhancing its professional capabilities and striving to expand cross-border cooperation and branding, she is helping to shape the image of China Hotel as an effective blend of traditional and contemporary.

"Stay positive."

Steven Lam

Assistant Director of Food & Beverage

Mr. Steven Lam used to work in Garden Hotel and LN Hospitality. From Hong Kong, he has an international perspective and is adept at western food production, service management, and innovation. Mr. Lam will lead the F&B team of China Hotel to maintain the reputation and service quality of themed banquets, and to present creative cuisine and a world-class catering experience to guests.

"To achieve a great cause, we must start with small things."

Jerry Ning

Chinese Restaurant Operations Manager

Mr. Jerry Ning has been working in Chinese restaurants in five-star hotels since 2011, acquiring solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience. He has a keen sense of market changes and is good at seeking new business opportunities. He will develop strategies of product and revenue for China Hotel using an avant-garde business philosophy.

"Always do what is required plus a bit more."