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Handicraft Culture Experience Course

During the summer vacation, the hotel, in collaboration with the Guangzhou Museum and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Studio, organized various cultural experience courses, including Everlasting Flower Plates, Three-Ball Instrument, Emblem Porcelain, and Intangible Cultural Heritage Handmade Rush Flowers. 

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A Rendezvous with the Moon at Zhenhai Tower

China Hotel, in partnership with the Guangzhou Museum, hosted the 2023 Mid-Autumn Mooncake Tasting Event. On the historic Zhenhai Tower, which has witnessed six centuries of Guangzhou's history, savor the traditional taste of Mid-Autumn mooncakes and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Yuexiu that spans a thousand years. An immersive cultural experience, where history and aesthetics meld into a realm of profound beauty and contemplation.

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New Cantonese Taste · Centennial Fine Wine Tasting Banquet

In the delicate interplay between Cantonese culinary mastery and the art of fine wines lies a profound, unspoken connection. The hotel, in collaboration with the renowned Cognac Louis XIII, hosted a high-end gourmet tasting banquet at The Four Seasons. Centennial dishes, retrieved from the ancient menu preserved in the Guangzhou Museum, return to the dining table to meet Louis XIII, a centennial cognac. Embark on a journey through time, where culinary and vinous delights enchant palates and leave enduring impressions.

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